Top 4 Things To Do In Russia 

Russia is famous for being one of the largest countries. The country has an excellent economy and is known for having an active military along with partaking in policy-making all over the world. When it comes to tourism, there are a lot of great places to visit in Russia along with activities to do. Below are some of the top things to do when traveling to Russia.


1 Visit the Winter Palace 

Located in St. Petersburg, the Winter Palace has great historical significance and represents the city’s culture. In 1709, the building was made as a house for Peter the Great along with his family. After some years, the building was renovated into the winter palace. The palace is a great tourist spot, and most visitors enjoy exploring the staterooms. 


  1. Visit the Kremlin 

If you are interested in learning more about Russian history, the Kremlin is a great place to start. There are a lot of museums along with exhibits that educate and show more about the history of the country. The Kremlin consists of the Assumption Cathedral, The Archangel Cathedral, The Annuncian Cathedral, and several other monuments.


  1. Visit Kizhi Island 

Kizhi Island is located around Lake Onega. Across from the island, you’ll see wooden churches, some of which are still active. Places like the Church of the Transfiguration hold sacred gatherings and ceremonies to date. During summer the island is marvelous & has a beautiful view. In winter, Kizhi island becomes cold and icy. 


  1. The Kunstkamera Museum 

This museum was built in the 1700s, and it contains a lot of information on Russia that can be interesting to tourists. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday every week. The Kunstkamera museum is used in a lot of research as it contains monuments dating back to decades ago.


There are more things to do in Russia, and if you are visiting Russia, the places above are some of the best places, to begin touring. Learn a lot about Russia’s history, along with its accomplishments and foundation for the excellent economy of the country. It is imperative to ensure you have the proper documentation required to visit Russia, and you stay for the stipulated time.