Things to Bring When Traveling to New Zealand

Traveling to New Zealand is a great way to destress yourself away from your work, school, or merely having a trip with your family, friends, or just with yourself. After knowing why New Zealand is truly one of the must-visit countries, you must also know that going there does not merely require a passport and ETA New Zealand.  Here are the most important things you must bring along when traveling to any part of New Zealand.

Visa (NZeTA)

No matter where you travel abroad, you will always be required to have a visa upon entry and exit. However, you won’t be needing to have a visitor visa if you:

  • are a New Zealand or Australian citizen
  • have a New Zealand resident visa
  • have a New Zealand permanent resident visa
  • have an Austraian permanent residence visa
  • have an Australian resident return visa (excludes Australian temporary or provisional residence visa)
  • are From a visa-waiver country

Your tourist visa will become effective as soon as you enter New Zealand and usually allows visitors like you to have a stay in New Zealand for up to three months. However, you need to pay for the ETA New Zealand (NZeTA) and IVL before arriving in New Zealand. Meanwhile, you can also avail of a working holiday visa or student visa, depending on your qualifications.

Travel Insurance For New Zealand

Despite that ACC in New Zealand partially insures accidental injury expenses, like medical bills, you can rest assured if you get travel insurance for extra protection. Traveling to a foreign country exhibits high risks to your health and well-being, so enjoy your New Zealand trip even more with a peace of mind as you have insurance to claim in times of accidents.


If you are a first-time New Zealand traveler, know ahead about this country’s currency. New Zealand has NZD (New Zealand Dollar) as its currency. Although credit cards are widely available, you might need to withdraw on an ATM in towns and cities as there is a fee with each credit card transaction. If you are planning to stay for a while, save a lot of money by opening a New Zealand bank account instead.

The things mentioned above may not be the essential things for your preference, but they are vital when you are in New Zealand. Ensure that you have your documents ready, like passport and ETA New Zealand visa, to avoid unwanted spoilers on your trip.