Out of country vacations nowadays are not only applicable during summer. Some destinations offer amazing winter activities for those people who visit during their coldest periods. If you’ve ever wanted to experience winter in a whole new and memorable way, add the places listed below to your bucket list.

What Activities Are Possible During Winter?

While summer is a time for sunbathing and swimming, winter gives people a chance to experience fun in the snow. For example, you can go skiing in the snowy mountains or skate on frozen lakes. You can also cozy up in a cabin with your family and friends and have bonding sessions over a roaring fire. There are also tourist spots that transform into something worth gazing upon during winter. Whatever you prefer, there’s a winter destination that’s just right for you.

Top Winter Destinations

Should you wish to experience what winter has to offer, check out the following places.

  • Lake Tahoe, California – One of the most famous winter vacation spots is Lake Tahoe in the US. The snowfall here can get pretty heavy, making it the perfect place for snowball fights and snowman making. You can also check out the numerous ski resorts available around the area. If things get too chilly, visit one of their hot springs and let your worries melt away.
  • Quebec City, Canada – If you don’t have the budget to go to France, you can check out Quebec City. It’s an excellent place to visit in Canada, especially during the winter, since they hold several festivals there. The city’s buildings also look gorgeous during winter, decked out in pristine white snow and yuletide decorations. It’s worth applying for a touristenvisum kanada if you’re from outside the US and would need one.
  • Nagano, Japan – Aside from the cherry blossoms and world-class politeness, Japan also offers amazing winter vacations for visitors. Visit Nagano to check out their skiing sites and have fun with the locals during their snow festival. There’s also a hot spring resort and beautifully designed inns. The most popular place in Nagano, however, is the Jigokudani Monkey Park. You’ll be able to spot some monkeys in the area’s hot springs if you visit during cold weather.


These are just some of the winter destinations that the world has to offer. If you’re in a tropical country and want to experience something different, you can visit these places, or you can research on other countries that may be appealing to you. Either way, you’re sure to find a place that you will enjoy staying in.

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