4 Must-See Attractions in New York

New York is the most populous city in America, and one of the most famous cities in the whole world. Embellished with twinkling city lights and tall skyscrapers, New York is a vast metropolis, but the Concrete Jungle is not all buildings and lights. Acquire a US visa ESTA to make sure you visit these four sought-after attractions in NYC.

Pass Time in The Met Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is New York’s Louvre, an art museum housing the best of human creativity. Examples of their art installations include the Versailles Panorama, a Renaissance period armor collection, and numerous pre-Columbian artifacts.

Carefully curated by their expert curating team, the Met Museum’s exhibits and collections regularly change and evolve. There are no same trips in the Met, and whether it’s your first or your 100th, it’s a different experience every time.

Walk Through Times Square

For people who like the hectic frenzy and dancing lights, Times Square is for you. Its billboards may be epilepsy-inducing, its crowds may be dizzying, and its noise may be loud, but one’s New York experience will not be complete without a trip in this iconic park.

The Center of the Universe is one of the busiest crosswalks in the road where tourists from all over the world must walk through at least once in their New York trip.

Cross the Brooklyn Bridge

Connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn over the East River is New York’s iconic Brooklyn bridge. It is the first steel-wire suspension bridge in the world, and one of the oldest roadway bridges in the United States.

Walking along the bridge carries with it an unparalleled view of the East River and lower Manhattan. Stroll, jog, or bike through the bridge; it’s your choice. The bridge has enough walkway for everyone.

Ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

Possibly the most famous statue in the world, Lady Liberty stands tall and imposing in Ellis Island just a ferry ride off of Manhattan. The Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration outlines the story of American immigration from colonial times to the present era in an extensive patchwork of photographs, artifacts, and recorded oral testimonies.

Gather your applications for a US visa ESTA, for these spectacles in New York, are well worth the trip. Alone, with your loved one, or with your family, enjoy these four sights, and more, in the Big Apple.


Top Essentials for First Time Skiers

If you are an adrenaline junkie looking for a new sport to try out, you can consider learning how to ski. It’s a great activity, especially for those who live in snowy countries. If you’re ever thinking of applying for a touristenvisum kanada to try out this sport, make sure that you have the following essential items:


Clothing Layers

Skiing is primarily a winter sport, so it’s advisable for you to prioritize packing a lot of winter clothing for your trip. Make sure to have the right amount of layers for the place you’re going to visit. For your base and mid layers, try wearing wool clothing instead of cotton so that you’ll be warmer and more comfortable. You can wear a sweater for your middle layer if you want to be warmer while in the area, then don your ski jacket to finish the set.


Peripheral Clothing Items

It’s also essential for you to have warm peripheral clothing before you ski. Look for warm gloves and socks to wear along with your layers so that no part of your body will be exposed to the cold temperatures. Cold hands and feet can be hindrances to a great skiing experience, so make sure you’re able to protect them as well. Make sure that the material they are made of is waterproof so that the snow won’t melt through them and freeze you.


Protective Equipment

Since skiing involves a lot of curves and bumps, as well as downward slopes filled with snow, it’s crucial for you to ensure your safety while attempting the sport. Make sure to pack a ski helmet to protect your head in case you meet an unfortunate incident while traversing a slope. Even though the snow is soft, you could still take a nasty bump to the head without a helmet. Make sure to pack goggles as well so that your eyes will be safe on the ski range.


Ski Equipment

Once you secure your clothing, you must now pack your skiing equipment. To ski, you need ski boards, poles, and bindings. If you have your own set, go ahead and use it, but for beginners, it’s usually advisable to rent equipment in ski lodges, so that the staff can explain to you how the bindings can be applied appropriately and how the poles should be used. Once you figure out how to have your ski equipment set-up correctly, you’re good to go.


Skiing can be a fun sport once you get the hang of it. After mastering beginner slopes, try out the difficult ones to challenge yourself further. Happy skiing!


Is It Necessary To Apply For Canada Eta Or Electronic Travel Authorization?

It is seen that Canada has now implemented a web-based travel verification system for all the VISA exempt foreign national. This system is known to Electronic Travel authorization or eTA. The country has started to implement the program, and it is like one of the many initiatives that the Canadian government who is undertaking this as a part of the joint agreement that comes with the United States.

Eta Is Compulsory To Fill

Canada and the United States have seen to be adopted this policy, and they both designed it in such a way that they help in improving the security of the borders which they share along with the collaboration in which they share the visa and immigration information that they gather. In this lost, there are many countries which are listed in it and all these countries have to obtain eTA when they visit Canada.

What Is The Need Of Eta?

It is seen that the foreign nationals who all are from the visa exempt countries who will get affected by the eTA system. This means that the foreign nationals who all have to apply for the visas need to travel to Canada will also get exempt from ETA in their travel approval process.

If you want to obtain this, then you can get this by the web-based process. All the tourists who all visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website usually need to supply the personal information as the name and birth date and also their fingerprints so that they can receive the eTA.

What Is The Right Time To Apply For Eta?

Are you thinking to apply eTA? If you are in plan to apply for eTA, then you must know the right time to apply for this. Many people all get confused with the time in which they should apply for the eTA. So, when you are going to apply for the Canadian eTA, then you must know about the different period in which you can apply for the eTA.

Can I Apply Right Before Departure?

If you are heading to Canada and you go for applying for the eTA, then it is seen that many times it works. This is because the process for eTA application is very short and the processing time is very much less than other things. So, for these reasons, you can apply for the eTA applications some hours before you head to Canada.

Can I Apply Before Some Months?

Many people think that they should apply for the eTA before many months. This is because they think if something goes wrong in the process and their application get rejected due to some reasons then they can apply for it again, and for that, they will be having plenty of time as well. But this is not advisable as eTA is only valid for limited time only. And the second thing that you must see is about the information that is required for eTA which may change.

What Is The Best Time To Apply Eta?

If you are going to visit Canada, then the best time to apply for Canadian eTA is just some weeks before. So, you need not to have to worry about the period as well as information.